Chainsaw Man He returned this afternoon with another of those chapters that know how to make you laugh out loud with their dialogues. Despite the apocalypse starting to unleash on the city, Denji and Asa started arguing about sex until they were dragged into the lion’s den. It now remains to face the powerful Demon of the Fall face to face.

Tatsuki Fujimoto makes sure to prepare a good portion of mysteries for the start of part 2 of his most successful manga. To this day we still don’t know who he is this mysterious character who also has the power to transform into a chainsaw. Will we know more in chapter 129?

When is Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 released?

  • He next chapter of Chainsaw Man won’t happen before Tuesday, May 9 at 5:00 p.m. Spanish Time
  • Unlike the past few weeks, the manga will enter a one week short break (something that is becoming more and more common in Fujimoto-sensei’s routine)
  • As soon as it is published, everyone will be able to read it legally, for free and with a Spanish translation via Manga More

And what happened in the previous chapter?

  • Denji and asa get into a debate over whether or not sex is okay in the middle of the crisis caused by the Demon of the Fall
  • After the young woman told Denji that he would never find a girlfriend because of his extravagant appearance, both end up “falling” into hell
  • There, Asa faints and Denji tries to run away with her through a locked door.but a creature attacks them
  • The protagonist endures all the beatings and manages to reach the door, but then it opens and the man appears. fall demon
  • Surprisingly a person with a chainsaw stabs this being in the back and tells Denji to run until dawn in order to escape the claws of this greedy creature
  • It is “Second Chainsaw Man”the mysterious character who murdered Yuko

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