Shit He has become one of the great protagonists of the musical media in recent days. We’re not just talking about the premiere of her Girl Trampa Deluxe, but at the announcement of her pregnancy on the stage of her concert at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires. The Argentine is going to be a mum with boy Christian Nodal, one of the most unexpected pieces of good news for his fans in 2023.

And it is that Cazzu wanted to take advantage of one of his most anticipated dates of the year to announce the news to his followers. But the artist was not alone at the concert. Other colleagues accompanied him, and among them was La Joaqui.

Cazzu collaborated with La Joaqui in GLOCKa song which is part of the tracklist of the new version of his album and which merges the styles of the two artists. Turreo and urban sounds are very present.

But that’s not all. The music video for the song was released just a few hours ago, and they show us that what music has united will not be separated by anyone. Directed by Federico Cabred, the images delight us with a dose of sisterhood and unbreakable brotherhood. In them we see how Cazzu goes to La Joaqui to comfort her after what appears to be a relationship breakup. She welcomes his home and worries that his heart will heal with his company. They appreciate each other and show that it is very important to have a trusted shoulder to cry on during these difficult times.

The music video was very well received by her fans. Within hours, it surpassed half a million views.

But the friendship that exists between these two artists is not new. Indeed, La Joaqui was very excited on her social networks after the announcement of her friend’s pregnancy. “I’m going to be an aunt, and the happiness that I have overflows me”, confides the interpreter of Assignment 08. Long live music and long live friendship!

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