Carla Barber shares unfiltered video of her C-section on Instagram

Carla Barber shares unfiltered video of her C-section on Instagram

Since Carla Barber was the mother of her son Bastián for the first time There are many occasions when the aesthetic medicine specialist has tried to give visibility in his networks to everything related to motherhood. The last without going any further, the birth of her second child. who was a candidate for survivors He wanted to show the world the special moment he had his second son in his arms with images of the most explicit caesarean section.

With a hashtag warning that this is sensitive contentthe video shows how the influencer’s second child was born, called Bosco, after performing a caesarean section and what those first moments between mother and baby are like. Of course, not before the intervention of the doctors since the little one came with a torsion of the umbilical cord in the neck.

everything with you“, were the words that Carla Baber used to accompany this video, which she also took advantage of to thank the doctors for the treatment received and the professionalism they showed during the delivery, which was brought forward by three weeks before the scheduled date.

With these images, the influencer wanted to show herself to the world without filters or taboos, leaving a mark in her networks of a moment as special and moving as the birth of her little one, and it is that after its publication, of many users They did not hesitate to write to the influencer. “The Impacts of C-Section”, “Women Are Incredible” and “How Sweet!” They were some of the positive messages he received, although he was not without criticism.

There are those who say it’s a “useless” image and others who are surprised because it makes “a lot of impression”. Anyway, the truth is that everyone agrees that these ithe images are full of reality. In less than 24 hours, the video received more than 50,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments, among which they also thank the influencer for her generosity because they had never seen anything like this before.

The keys to postpartum

Despite the shocking images of childbirth, it’s not the only subject that has sparked the curiosity of her followers. Her postpartum recovery is another of the issues that have been gaining attention on social media in recent weeks. Faced with this situation and the doubts generated by her own case, the influencer revealed in a question-and-answer questionnaire on Instagram what her own method has been.

The evolution you see is the result of: genetics and previous good habits during pregnancy“, she commented, specifying that “diet, sport and daily activity” are the key elements that have helped her to recover quickly.

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