Captured on video: a man throws a puppy into a canal in Tujunga

Captured on video: a man throws a puppy into a canal in Tujunga

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A security camera captured the moment a man threw a caged puppy into a canal last weekend.

The video shows the man arriving in a van near the intersection of Renaissance Drive and Cardamine Court in Tujunga. He then pulls the cage out of the trunk and throws it over a fence before fleeing.

Luckily for the dog, several neighbors came to the rescue.

“When I first saw the pup, I didn’t even think. I just jumped the fence and ran down to the canal. I slipped. I didn’t care; I wanted just save the dog,” said a man who wanted to be identified only as Amir.

The little one, he said, was wet and shaking. The man said he got stuck inside the channel, but two other men formed a human chain to pull him out.

Amir spoke to Telemundo 52 on Monday, a day after the incident. The cub, who was named Ring after the brand of camera that captured his rescue, was seen happily wagging his tail and faithfully accompanying his rescuer.

The Los Angeles Police Department said detectives from the Foothill Division have opened an investigation.

Amir said Ring spent the night with him, but found him a forever home with “very good people”. He also has a message for people who can’t take care of their pets.

“It’s sad. If you can’t take care of your animals, please hand them over to your local shelter,” Amir pleaded.

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