I’ve said it again and again since I bought the Steam Deck a few months ago and now I’m not going to be less: my way of enjoying video games has changed for the better since I got the console. That’s why every time one of those major releases I want to get my hands on PC comes out, I ask myself the same question: Will it be compatible with the Valve console? And, precisely, on this occasion, I want to answer this same question in connection with The Last of Us: Part I.

The thing is, the game is over in a disastrous state on the computer the day I write this article; although it is true that Naughty Dog has already promised a solution in this regard. You can already imagine then what will be the answer to the question that concerns us here, but I will also leave you all the information later so that you can have it as close as possible:

Is The Last of Us: Parte I compatible with the Steam Deck?

  • The game is compatible with the Valve console, but it is not verified by the company itself
  • This implies that you can enjoy the title on the console, as it should work on the same
  • However, there could be some options failing, for example controller button mapping

It is compatible but… Is it also recommended?

  • Given all the turmoil the PC version of the game is going through, my recommendation is that you wait for Naughty Dog to polish this port as much as possible
  • Besides, I would also wait for Valve to verify that the game works one hundred percent on your console
  • Taking into account that we are facing one of the most important releases of the year on PC, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was only a matter of time before things were fixed soon

I will be attentive to any news that will arise regarding the possibility of playing The Last of Us: Part I on the Steam Deck in the future to keep you informed of developments.

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