An original Mexican chicken sandwich and an Italian chicken sandwich are part of a new international line of chicken sandwiches that Burger King will have on its menu in 2023

Burger King will add an international line of chicken sandwiches to its menus permanently starting in 2023.

While Burger King already has a chicken sandwich available, the burger chain will expand its options with three sandwiches from the “International Original Chicken Sandwich” line, including: an Original Mexican Chicken Sandwich, an Original Italian Chicken Sandwich and an original American chicken sandwich.

The three new sandwiches are prepared on buns and meat similar to that featuring the classic original chicken sandwich, long sesame seed buns and breaded chicken burger.

The Mexican chicken sandwich will have a creamy spicy cheese sauce and fried jalapenos; the Italian chicken sandwich will have creamy mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce; while the American chicken sandwich will have lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise.

In Burger King’s new line of chicken sandwiches, the original Mexican chicken sandwich is a brand new one.

The Original American Chicken Sandwich has the same ingredients as the BK Original Chicken Sandwich, while the Original Italian Chicken Sandwich is also similar to the Real Italian Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but twice as long and on a seed bun. sesame.

Burger King fans seem excited about the chain’s new line of sandwiches, according to comments shared on Reddit.

“I’m excited, the Italian chicken sandwich is my favorite fast food. The original 1988 trio – I didn’t have the Mexican version, I had a French sandwich, with chicken, mayonnaise, ham and Swiss, basically a chicken cordon bleu. I’m going to eat a lot of the Italian version,” wrote one user on Reddit.

“I really liked the ghost whopper and was sad that it was gone. It seems that the Mexican variant seems to use the same ingredients. I’m excited about this,” someone else wrote.

There were also those who lamented that one of their favorite sandwiches was no longer on the menu. “The Ch’King was my option. They let go of that sandwich, I let go of BK.” Another Reddit user also said that the Ch’King was the only reason he went back to BK.

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