Buffalo, N.Y., shooter pleads guilty to supermarket shooting

Buffalo, N.Y., shooter pleads guilty to supermarket shooting

She was 18 years old when Payton Gendro attacked a supermarket in Buffalo, upstate New York with an assault weapon; he pleaded guilty to the charges against him for the killing of 10 people, but there are federal charges that could carry the death penalty.

Payton Gendro, 19, pleaded guilty to the charges against him in the shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo , New York, that killed 10 people.

Gendro faces various charges, including 10 first-degree murder, 10 second-degree murder as a hate crime, and three counts of attempted murder as a hate crime.

The attack occurred May 14 at a Tops Friendly Market in upstate New York, where he used an AR-15, the same assault weapon other shooters have used in similar attacks.

Gendron faces life in prison without parole, plus possible sentencing on federal hate crime charges that could even carry the death penalty.

Gendron livestreamed the attack, since he was in his car, he got out and started shooting people in the parking lot.

The weapon used was acquired legally, Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed at the time, although it was modified to make it automatic. That equipment is not legal in the state.

Following the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, President Joe Biden again called on Congress to pass legislation banning assault weapons, such as the AR-15, to help combat shootings across the country.

“We need to enact an assault weapons ban, to get the weapons of war off the streets of America,” Biden said on November 20.

After a shooting at a Walmart in Virginia, the president insisted on his call.

Gendro’s hearing was adjourned due to the snowstorm that hit Buffalo last week.

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