The Broward School Board continues to search for a new superintendent. At a meeting today, the private firm that was hired for the national search presented a long list of people interested in the job. But that did not satisfy the majority of council members.

The goal was to hire a new superintendent in July. But today, there was even talk of continuing to search for this ideal candidate since of the 26 people who applied, apparently few qualified.

“The list isn’t exciting at all,” the school board member told representatives of the private recruiting firm that is conducting a nationwide search for Broward’s new superintendent.

Broward District 2 School Board Member Torey Alston says:

“From my point of view, of the 26 interested parties, there are only one and a half. Or maybe two and a half who qualify, but I’m confident that as Broward Schools we can attract the best and the brightest to lead our district. »

Out of 26 candidates, the firm recommended only 6 people who met the requirements. At the meeting, they said they directly reached out to people who might be interested, but weren’t. Some members blame the political environment around education.

Debra Hixon, Broward School Board Member and District 9 Vice President, says:

“One hundred percent I think the political environment and the way we view education in Florida is not positive, we are losing teachers, bus drivers and also superintendents. We live in paradise and people prefer to stay in the cold where there is no excess of control”.

“We’re a relatively liberal county and our legislature generally isn’t, and neither is the governor. Obviously, if anyone is considering working here at any level, they need to be aware of that.”

On the list are education administrators – from out of state and from Florida, as well as Dr. Valerie Wanza, who attended part of the meeting today. In February, Wanza served as deputy superintendent for a week after the departure of Dr. Vickie Cartwright. But nothing is definite yet.

Lori Alhadeff, School Board Member and President, says:

“In fact, not a single person has come to my attention to support them, it’s hard because you can’t know a person by what’s on paper.”

Dr Earleen Smiley has been hired as Acting Superintendent for a few months, today she confirmed she is not interested in the permanent position.

Next Tuesday, the council will meet again after analyzing all the information it received today. And they expect to vote.

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