Five employees of taqueria Casa del Sabor have ended up in hospital after a group of customers started a fight allegedly complaining about the service.

The events happened Sunday night at 530 Las Vegas Boulevard, when a group of people, who were supposed to be together, started complaining about the delay in the order, Lázaro Correa, one of the workers, told Telemundo Las Vegas, who was involved in the violent brawl.

Correa said that at the hospital they had to staple him because he received several cuts from one of the clients, one of whom was allegedly drunk or high on drugs.

In fact, the event was filmed where we see that a member of the group begins to beat Correa and other employees.

In addition, the owner of the business, Iván Valenzuela, described that a person over 60 had also received several blows. “They beat him, they knocked him down, they kept hitting him. They beat another of the boys I have there too, they beat me between three people, they cut my whole face open,” he said.

The employees also allege that they are threatened by the collective.

The crime was reported to authorities, but although victims say it was a large group of people driving in two vehicles, only one arrest was made.

For its part, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD) confirmed that minor charges had been filed and since they were not present, no arrests could be made. They added that the arrested person showed resistance to the officers.

While on social networks a movement has emerged in favor of the employees of the taco shop and they assure that on Monday afternoon they will organize a kind of demonstration in front of the city where the events took place.

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