Since his split from Angelina Jolie became public knowledge, the news that involved brad pitt They left a lot to be desired. His alcohol problems, the alleged mistreatment of his children or the toxic relationship he had with the actress, were some of the subjects in which he was the protagonist.

In the last days returned to the forefront of the media scene, but this time for selling a house in the Los Feliz, Los Angeles neighborhood for more than $40 million. A mansion that he bought from the interpreter Cassandra Peterson in 1994 and of which we now know a detail that put him back in the news.

Brad Pitt’s most encouraging gesture

We’re used to seeing him walk the red carpets, surprise us with his big screen roles and delight us with his talent, however, little was known about his more human side, or at least until now. The magazine People was commissioned to demonstrate this myth, revealing an act that the actor would have kept until now in the greatest secrecy.

after the sale Cassandra Peterson her home in Brad Pitt, she bought a house very close to the old one, so she knew all the real estate moves that were going on in the area. As he explained, the interpreter of ¿Conoces a Joe Black? he devoted himself to buying farms very close to each other to expand his property“I think there were about 22 houses that were backed up to the edge of his and every time they came up for sale he would buy one,” he explained.

One of those he acquired belonged to a man in his mid-90s with whom Brad Pitt made a deal: the actor allowed her to stay in his house until his death: “He was very nice to him. His wife passed away and the man, John, lived there. I know that Brad allowed him to live there without paying anything,” he revealed.

Although this agreement lasted longer than expected, the truth is that Brad Pitt did not ask him for euros during this period: “It was a little funny because John lived to be 105 years old”, a- he commented, adding between two laughs that when the actor made this proposal to him, he would imagine that it could happen “at any time”.

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