Take the opportunity to get ANY PS5 bundle with game now that they’re all on sale

Take the opportunity to get ANY PS5 bundle with game now that they’re all on sale

Carrefour is selling each of the PlayStation 5 bundles with game at a discounted price, so this is a great deal

As of today, two and a half years after the launch of the PS5, many gamers no longer search for it as before because there is already more than enough stock of the console. Many of these users already have it in their possession or are just waiting for an offer to drop. Well, if you belong to the second of the two groups I mentioned, keep reading because this is going to be of great interest to you.

When there was hardly any PS5 stock, it’s true that sony he rarely made offers. But now that the stock has improved a lot, we can find huge console discounts, especially when This is accompanied by a game. In fact, if you don’t have this console and want to get one for the first time, the best options are these packs with game since in this way you will have something to release it and, in addition, save you money. And today more than ever!

Carrefour offers all PS5+ game packs

That’s right, the well-known store Crossroads decided to offer all PS5 bundles plus the game. The console itself costs 550€, plus a game that costs at least 60€, you should pass yes or yes over €600. But you will see that these offers drop below this number And those are great prices for a brand new console.

I leave you featured offers below:

recommended packs

  • PS5 with God of War: Ragnarök: Before €623.99, now €569
  • PS5 with Hogwarts Legacy: Used to be €619, now €589
  • PS5 with FIFA 23: Used to be €618.99, now €569
  • PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West: Used to be €628.99, now €589
  • PS5 with Gran Turismo 7: Used to be €628.99, now €589
  • PS5 with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Used to be €588.99, now €559

How long do these offers last?

Unfortunately, it is not known how long they will last, although It’s worth mentioning that they may run out before the deals end. If you’re thinking of getting a new console, I think this is the best opportunity you’ve ever had, so take advantage of it!

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