Books deemed inappropriate, due to their sexual content, will be banned from Broward Public Schools. And although a mechanism to follow up on these inappropriate texts was launched last year, today the school board met to approve this process.

The process includes training for school staff to identify materials that are prohibited.

The Broward School Board’s process to remove books with sexual content and deemed inappropriate for students from schools has begun…

Broward School Board member Dr. Allen Zeman says:

“What books are prohibited, what does the law say, how can the Broward School District create a process that allows us to do what is legally required and at the same time ensure that children are educated about the reality of ‘today,” Broward School Board member Dr. Allen Zeman said.

Some parents and activists spoke to board members who reviewed books today that do not meet the requirements of state laws, such as one requiring transparency in the selection of educational materials and reading in public schools, and which also prohibits pornographic content considered harmful to minors. .

To comply with the state’s book review process, school personnel must receive mandatory training…some districts have developed practices for tracking inappropriate books.

Manny Días Jr., Commissioner of Education, said, “We’ve seen evidence of this across the state that we’re taking it down. There are many complaints that are being taken down, it’s illegal pornography, but it is also immoral.”

This book for third graders and lower chronicles the life of a rabbit named Marlon Bundo who falls in love with another. Today, it is banned in schools.

The book review process may take a few days. Employees who fail to comply with the laws could face third-degree criminal charges.

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