As an additional push in the final stretch of the electoral campaigns, the BOLD PAC of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus allocates $2.4 million dollars for Latino candidates; This is a new record for investments of this type.

With an additional $2.4 million dollars to Hispanic or Latino candidates competing in the November 8 election, the BOLD PAC imposes a record of funds destined to promote its candidates for Congress.

This additional investment from the financing and dissemination group of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) reaches $5.7 million dollars for the 2022 cycle, the highest in its 21 years of operation.

“The transfer is part of the ‘Nuestra Lucha’ [Our Fight] initiative and brings BOLD PAC’s total funding to its independent spending arm to $5.7 million,” the organization said.

So far, more than $3.2 million dollars have been spent on independent campaign ads, remembering that the highest spending in that area was $1.9 million during the 2020 cycle.

The focus is on candidates who are managing to stand out as the end of the COVID-19 pandemic; reduce costs for working families, as well as alert about the dangers of the extremist agenda of the Republicans, such as on issues of weapons and abortion.

BOLD PAC highlights the historic victories of Maxwell Frost (Florida-10), Robert Garcia (California-42), and Andrea Salinas (Oregon-06).

“Latinos will be critical in the midterm elections and our mission to support Latino candidates is more critical than ever. […] Now we are duplicating those efforts in the final stretch of the mid-term,” said the president of BOLD PAC, Rubén Gallego.

Gallego, who is a representative from California, said that the key issues are abortion, health care and the right to vote, although he does not mention economic issues, which come to the top of the list of issues of concern for Latinos.

“Abortion access, affordable health care and our fundamental freedoms are on the November ballot,” Gallego said. “Latino voters are tired of election deniers and Republican extremists running for public office. That is why BOLD PAC is redoubling its efforts to elect Democrats who are fearless advocates for the well-being of all Americans.”

Majority in Congress

Although most of the candidates it supports are Latino, the BOLD PAC also chooses other candidates and endorses programs as part of its effort to win a majority of Democrats in Congress.

“This cycle, BOLD PAC has already generated more than $1.1 million in contributions to campaigns and party committees to occupy the House and Senate,” highlights the organization. “This includes more than $600,000 in direct contributions from BOLD PAC and an additional $535,000 in funds raised for Democratic campaigns from grassroots donors across the country.”

“Our Lucha”, highlights the organization, is an initiative that seeks to ensure direct investments in Latino campaigns, to seek an increase in the representation of the Latino community in Congress, ensuring that these efforts are designed and executed by Latino strategists.

Last week, the president of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Raúl Ruiz, acknowledged to this journalist that there are at least four congressmen facing a “difficult” electoral process.

They are Senator Katherine Cortez Masto (Nevada), and Representatives Vicente González (Texas-34), Teresa Leger Fernandez (New Mexico-13) and Mike Levin (California-19), whom the Caucus is particularly helping.

Over the past 21 years, BOLD PAC has doubled the size of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, it says.

The majority of Latino congressmen are Democrats with 37 positions in the House of Representatives and the Senate; against 12 Republican positions.

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