iPhone 13

Black Friday 2021: how to buy an iPhone 13 for $ 100 officially

Want to own an iPhone 13 for almost $ 100? Learn how you can get it for Black Friday 2021 in the United States.

The date of November 26, which celebrates the Black Friday is just around the corner and many people will take advantage of the offers that exist on various technology sites. Among them is one that you should not overlook: it is the possibility of buying a iPhone 13 for a total of $ 100 from the page Apple. How do i do it?

Best of all, you can import your iPhone 13 to any territory in the United States and enjoy all the benefits that Apple offers you. To access this offer, you need to meet some requirements. That is why here we detail everything so that you have the terminal of the block for 100 dollars.


  • The first thing you should do is enter the page of Apple.
  • Then you must choose if you want an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 13 Pro, or any of its variants .
  • When you have chosen your model, you will need to determine the capacity of the device.
  • Now just choose the color that you like the most .
  • When you have it, you simply have to choose your operator in the United States: Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint or AT&T .
  • If you don’t have a line from the United States, don’t worry, you can also access the offer .
  • Once you have chosen it, now you only have to scroll down to choose if you want to leave your old cell phone as part of payment .
  • This must have been purchased in the United States itself.
Learn about the method to officially access an iPhone 13 for less than $ 100. (Photo: Apple)
  • You must also ensure that you have all the documents or the electronic payment receipt for it to be validated.
  • Choose the model you want to leave as part of payment. In this case, they can give you a discount of $ 700 if you want to leave your iPhone 12 Pro Max .
  • In the case of the iPhone 12 Pro you will have a discount of $ 600 .
  • Already in the case of the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 Mini you will have discounts of 500 and 400 dollars, respectively .
  • Redeem it and you’re done. And you will have bought an iPhone 13 from $ 100 onwards. Did you know?
  • This promotion is not only valid with Black Friday 2021, but permanently.