A bill to raise the minimum wage for workers in the tourism industry from $16 to $25 an hour, Councilor Curren Price introduced the bill on Wednesday, drawing support from more than 100 supporters.

This is a highly competitive industry in the city of Los Angeles that receives more than 50 million tourists annually, los beneficiarios serían los oficiales de seguridad, maleteros, trabajadores de limpieza, tanto de LAX, como en los más de 1,000 hotels en la city.

It was the unions that came forward to express their support for an increase in their wages.

“They are tourism workers, like me, I welcome everyone who visits our beautiful city,” said Graciela Gómez, a hotel employee.

Currently, the 36,000 tourism workers earn $16 an hour, and if this law passes, they could see an increase to $25 dollars, thanks to a proposal made by Councilor Curren Price.

“We need to make sure that one of the foundations of our industry is how to support rent, food, gas and other costs,” said Los Angeles Councilman Curren Price, District 9.

The change would impact hospitality and Los Angeles International Airport employees, from security, maintenance, cleaning, porters to management positions, with Los Angeles hosting mega events, receiving more than 50 million annual visitors.

Starting in early March, store workers will earn between $14 and $19 an hour.

“Because the World Cup is coming up, the Olympics is coming up, they (workers) need to treat each other with the dignified respect and justice they deserve,” said David Huerta, president of the SCIU union.

On July 1, the city will see a 47 cent increase in minimum wage across all sectors, where they will now see a minimum wage of $16.78.

“We must, at this time, demand that workers who pay more for rent, more for food, more for insurance, also have the wages to support themselves and their families,” Huerta said.

On the other hand, one of the big concerns about this increase of almost 10 dollars is that it would force some employers in the tourism industry to reduce their expenses and hire fewer people.

The proposal comes as the city begins preparations for the 2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympics, events that will generate billions of dollars, while unions say they expect the proposal to pass in September .

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