The program of Resistance directed by David Broncano always gives us great moments and this last time it was not going to be less. Last Wednesday, March 29, this entire Movistar+ format had a double guest session, which made it even more interesting. First he came Alex Rocaa disabled young man who a week ago managed to finish a marathon and in second place, Broncano received his friend Berto Romero, who kept throwing all kinds of poison darts at his former partner.

After an interview with Álex Roca in which everyone applauded and admired his great effort, it was the turn of Berto Romero, who came to the set to talk about his new projects. However, he had a big surprise since as soon as he got on the set, he received Broncano’s first zasca: “Now you come and what have you done?””. With these words, the presenter joked and welcomed the comedian.

Their preliminaries already alerted that the best was yet to come, since laughter and sarcasm were not lacking at any time. After a declaration of intent from Broncano in which he urged the guest to defecate live, added to the occasional racy commentary from Ricardo Castella and Grison, Berto ended up deciding: “I didn’t know you had degenerated so much (…). It’s amazing, you don’t have to do anything, they just bounce bullshit from here to there”.

zascas rain

The comedian, who wasn’t sure whether to hold back his laughter or keep doing his thing, said he was “the worst place” I’ve been “in a long time”, clarifying that it was because it was truly “the worst” and not because he was “uncomfortable”. Something that did not go unnoticed by Broncano who replied with his characteristic humor: “Isn’t it like post-apocalyptic?” “It’s very hard to follow you“, reprimanded him the guest of Broncano, who also reminded him that when he was a collaborator of this same space he was a much “better” comedian.

The pullitas did not stop at any time, which sparked laughter from the public and all those present, until the moment of get rid of flattery. David Broncano complimented Berto with some unexpected words. “I would dare to say that your comedy show is the best you can see today,” commented the presenter, referring to the show he has in Barcelona, never seen. “It was worth all the humiliation to receive this compliment,” Berto replied, ending the conversation.

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