The actress left behind her teenage Disney Channel look that she became famous for

after turning incredibly popular on Disney Channel alongside Zendaya thanks to Shake It Up!, the paths of the two actresses have separated. Since then, Bella Thorne’s companion has had a string of successes, while she disappeared for a while from our screens. In addition, the personal life of the young performer was very controversial and led her to star in a large number of titles. That said, one of his lesser-known roles was on the popular CSI Las Vegas series, where he looked unrecognizable:

Bella Thorne’s Incredible Physical Change Since Her CSI Las Vegas Role

  • Shortly before going through the popular Shake It Up, Thorne appeared in this well-known detective series.
  • During the fifteenth season of CSI Las Vegas, he had a brief role that many have forgotten.
  • Her role was that of a popular high school girl, something different from the one she had in the Disney Channel series.
  • Since then, he has starred in many scandals, from creating an Only Fans account to several spin-off events of his crazy nightlife.
Bella Thorne is unrecognizable today.

What happened to Bella Thorne?

Bella appeared in all kinds of movies, horror movies like ‘The Babysiter’ franchise, to comedies like The Duff (2015) and dramas like Midnight Sun (2018). He even appeared on the American show Masked Singer in 2020. Despite this, none of these roles and appearances have managed to match the fame that his work on the Disney Channel brought him..

In addition, the young woman has said on several occasions that she has distanced herself from the world of theater because couldn’t be herself during her time with Disney. She also confessed to having been sexually abused when she was 6 years old and that it was repeated several times until she was 14 years old. Undoubtedly, these traumatic experiences caused him to withdraw from acting and seek other ways to express himself Like music or writing.

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