Although the rain took over the weather in much of Spain, so did rising temperatures. Thanks to them, we feel spring closer than ever (even if there is only a week and a few more days left for it). But there are artists who wanted to go further and took us directly into summer with their new releases.

This is the case of Becky G, who presents Departures with the legend Omega. An urban-sounding song featuring merengue, the predominant genre in Dominican songs. Of course, his lyrics bring us the good vibes that remind us all of the hottest time of the year.

This new song from the artist will first and foremost be for anyone who is ready to enjoy the summer while ignoring that person who once held their hearts but is now a thing of the past. Surround yourself with friends at the beach and the problems will go away!

Actually, Departures is accompanied by a video clip whose setting could not be other than a heavenly beach, day and night. And it is that when the sun goes down it becomes a summer party full of rhythms and lots of good vibes.

This is Becky G’s first release of 2023, succeeding lovers, the theme he shares with Daviles from Novelda and which was released a few months ago. The artist returns with that tropical and urban essence that characterizes her, reminding us all that she is one of the voices not to be missed during the summer.

And you, did you hear? Departures? Did it also remind you of those evenings with friends on the beach?

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