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Bank of America left its clients with negative balances and mysterious transactions in Zelle: what happened

Bank of America

On a rare Wednesday, Bank of America customers complained on social media that they woke up with negative funds on their account statements; the problem was between the bank and transactions through Zelle
Bank of America customers went after the bank on social media after they found their accounts with negative balances from mysterious transactions made through the Zelle digital payment app.

Some Twitter users posted screenshots of alleged messages received from Bank of America, indicating that they had negative account balances. Many others indicated that they tried to contact the bank’s customer service department, but received no information.
The account Jeepeto Cuarenton, supposed client of the bank, was one of the first to publish these images with a negative balance of $-2,060.44 dollars.

“WHAT THE HELL?” tweeted Jeepto Cuarenton. “I want my money back ASAP! I don’t have gas money! Stuck at home. Your customer service phone does not work! WHAT HAPPEN?”.

The tweet was deleted within hours of posting.

The GNCórdoba verified account was another user who complained about the lack of support from Bank of America regarding the loss of funds due to loss of deposits from their Zelle account.

“Then, I woke up to find Zelle deposits were missing from my Bank of America account,” the user started the conversation. “When I called customer service, they said ‘due to extenuating circumstances, we can’t take your call’ and the phone hung up.”

However, the New York Post explained that a close source assured that the bank was experiencing delays in processing transactions to accounts linked to Zelle.

“Zelle transactions made between January 14 and 17 may be delayed to occur and post to accounts as requested,” according to a statement from a bank spokesperson shared from The Post.

Bank of America later issued a public apology via a warning via its app.

“Transfers will be completed and appear in [customers’] account activity and balances as soon as possible,” the bank noted. “We apologize for any delay or inconvenience.”

Through Telemundo 52, Zelle clarified that “the ‘Zelle network’ transactions outside of Bank of America were not impacted,” indicating that only Bank of America could respond to the loss of customer funds.
According to the bank, at noon on the same Wednesday, the problem was already resolved and the people affected already had access to their funds. The company did not want to declare the number of affected customers, only assuring that they were transactions made by Zelle.

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