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Motorcycle Insurance in the USA: what a basic policy covers

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At Globe Live Media we tell you the four basic things that a basic motorcycle insurance policy in the US should cover, so that you understand how this financial protection works

Unless you live in one of the states where motorcycle insurance is not required, if you plan to buy a motorcycle in the United States in 2023, you will need to purchase a basic insurance policy. This is an essential requirement to be able to drive a motorcycle through the streets of the country, and if you do not have an insurance policy, you are prone to problems with the law.

Therefore, it is convenient for you to know what a basic motorcycle insurance policy in the US covers. At Globe Live Media we will explain it to you.

What does a basic motorcycle insurance policy cover?

In general, it is considered that a basic policy (understood as a policy that meets the requirements of the law) has the following additions:

Liability Coverage

This coverage is designed to offer financial protection, since it responds for damages to the people or property of third parties affected in case you have an accident on your motorcycle.

It should be noted that this coverage does not offer protection for your motorcycle. This essentially depends on the policy offered by the insurance company.

Collision Coverage
This is the coverage that will cover the damage suffered by your motorcycle if you have an accident or a collision. Typically, this coverage kicks in after you’ve paid the deductible, in the event you’re in an accident with a vehicle, another motorcycle, or an object.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), this coverage recognizes the market value of the motorcycle before suffering the accident.

extensive coverage
This coverage offers financial protection for damages other than an accident, such as a crash or collision. Such damages include fire, theft or vandalism. As in the case of an accident, the insurance company will compensate the cost of the damage, less the deductible, and will recognize the market value of the motorcycle before the event.

It should be noted that this coverage will only cover repairs or repairs of the motorcycle with standard spare parts or parts of your motorcycle that are from the factory.

Coverage for motorists without insurance

Uninsured motorist coverage will cover damages caused to you and your property by another uninsured driver (or one with very low coverage).