bad bunny announced in late 2022 that he would be taking a hiatus in 2023 after performing in a very intense year musically. Touring, promoting, recording and releasing his new album blended into a successful year that put him atop half of the global charts. However, despite his intention to rest, the truth is that the Puerto Rican does not stop working: either in Coachella or create the first song in 4 months.

Taking advantage of the fact that he is on everyone’s lips after his visit to the festival (for better and for worse), the artist presented and promoted Un x100to, the reggaetonero’s collaboration with one of the bands the most successful of Mexican regional music. : Frontier Group. “We admire Bad Bunny and especially how he changed the landscape of Latin music around the world. We certainly didn’t think we would get the chance to create a song with our idol so early in our career, but we are very honored that he wanted to do a song with us” explained the formation.

To publicize their new material, Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera used their social networks, and they immediately became a success. Because it had been a long time since his last song and that gap year he said he was going to take exploded.

Although given the way they work, it is very likely that the collaboration with the Mexicans has already been recorded before our entry this year. The song is full of rhythm and good vibes bearing the house trademark “bad bunny”.

Or so it seems to us. Because after listening to Bad Bunny at Coachella, we already doubt that we have captured the “sound” of the reggaeton player. “Sometimes people think they know the life of celebrities and it’s not like that. They don’t know what we think, what we feel, they don’t know how we really live. On social media , a thousand things are said in the press, but they will never be able to know the reality of those who feel a heart, that’s why I tell them that what they see over there that did not come out of my mouth, don’t believe it. me for real, i invited him to my house, who wants to know me?” he said surrounded by shouts at the show.

Bad Bunny has come to deny the accusations that had been leveled against him on social networks. And not only those motivated by this message about Harry Styles which was seen on the big screen during his concert but also by an interview in Time which caused blisters. Because they accused the artist of being lukewarm in his fight against racism in some of his answers. “You will never know me from a viral video on TikTok, you will never know me from an interview, the message is changed,” he said.

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