the fence that surrounds Echo Park he could only stay there for a few more weeks. However, as the date for its removal approaches, some local residents are objecting to the removal of this fence.

They fear that the park will once again become a hotbed of crime and insecurity and that the homeless will set up camp there again.

Many residents of Echo Park are asking the Los Angeles 13th Ward Councilman not to remove it but to put in another stronger, more aesthetically pleasing permanent iron fence.

Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez announced the removal of the fence surrounding Echo Park Lake, which has been criticized by activists.

“I’m begging you not to take the fence down,” said local resident Javier Hernández. “And (that) if it is removed, we will put another one even better. It is an advantage for families, visitors and for our whole community.

According to them, it is about to be implemented in March 2021, it has been a key instrument in controlling crime and maintaining cleanliness and security. They allege that crime has decreased thanks to this protection.

“Crime has gone down with his presence,” said Echo Park resident Emilio Vega. “We are citizens who deserve a safe neighborhood and this will help us.”

The councilor reiterated that the removal of the fence is still in progressas part of a campaign promise

“95% agree. The only difference is the need for the fence,” said Los Angeles 13th District Councilman Hugo Soto Martínez. “We can achieve anything they want without having the fence.”

The legislator says he has heard the concern of local residents to return to the previous situation

‘Demand your rights, Echo’: Activists protest homeless eviction from Echo Park Lake

“Children and adults come to walk,” says Vega. “When it’s full of homeless people, you can’t walk.”

The city councilor claims to have a team dedicated exclusively to the recurrence of homeless people ready to get under way once the fence is removed.

“We wouldn’t have done it if we weren’t sure it would be successful,” Councilman Soto Martinez said. “That people are going to have a nice park where they can have fun in the summer. But also, for people who do not have housing, we are going to have the services”.

The District 13 Alderman’s office did not give an official date for the removal of the fence, but they said it could happen in the coming weeks.

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