the days in survivors they begin to wreak havoc. The hunger, the rains, the conflicts between the competitors… and also the sexual appetite begins to have its effect. Just a month ago, Asraf Bueno and Isa Pantoja found themselves in the Cayos Cochinos of Honduras between tears and passion.

The reality show prepared a performance for the couple to reunite and give us one of the highlights of this edition. To the beach, the program organization took Asraf with his eyes covered and once there they took off his mask. Seeing his daughter on a cage floating on the sea, the survivor went mad. In order to blend into a hug, the contestant had to answer several questions about Isa and thus move the cage to shore.

It’s only been a few weeks since, but of course for Asraf it seems like an eternity. So much so that at dawn in Honduras, during a conversation with Adara Molinero and Jonan Wiergo, the fiancé of Isa Pi He confessed to his classmates that he let his imagination run wild and that he had had an erotic dream with his girlfriend.

Sus dos compañeros del reality han reaccionado bromeando con él y con lo cerca que haían dormido: “A saber, guarro, no es agradable”, le decían entre risas, mientras que Adara le pedía que a la próxima le avisase para irse y dejarle vía free.

Afterwards the questionnaire on your sleep level has arrived: “It was not high, it was not high. It was that the member was working and that’s it,” revealed Asraf. Just then, the survivor recalled when Isa Pantoja went to the island to see him: “When he came, I thought he was going to stay or something and we were going to spend a night of lust,” he said.

Isa Pantoja reacts to the erotic dream

On the set they did not hesitate to project this moment that Asraf gave to his colleagues and to the whole audience, however, at the end of the video, all eyes turned to Isa Pantoja. What did you think?

The young woman opened up and He did not hesitate to give his opinion“What’s it going to look like to me? Sounds great, really. I’m flattered. I love to see it reminds me in so many ways, but also like that,” she said.

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