The countdown to enjoying one of the biggest international music events has begun. There’s nothing left for you white dove take your Hey, yeah in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and dazzle everyone with this lullaby.

However, before taking that flight to liverpool he wanted to say goodbye to all his fans in a unique encounter in Madrid. The winner of Benidorm Fest 2023 was supported by some of her colleagues from the pre-selection who gave her the bronze microphone, from María Eizaguirre, director of communication and participation of RTVE, the head of the delegation, Eva Mora and contest commentators, Julia Varela and our partner, Tony Aguilar.

At just over 8:30 p.m., Blanca Paloma took the stage and shared a few words with those present: “It’s very important for me to concentrate. All the money you give me, I take it to Liverpool and beyond“, he said. In the Callao cinemas there were also her parents, loyal to the artist, whom she did not hesitate to thank for their presence.

Blanca Paloma, the companions of Benidorm Fest 2023 and the RTVE team. / RTVE

Before all his colleagues present sang his song Benidorm Fest, the artist talked about his new song, mother-of-pearl feathersand confessed that she was the other candidate to present at the festival: “Music has been a space of freedom since I was little and I think that is reflected a lot in this song. Talk about the woman I want to be and the place I want to be“He said giving in to his interpretation.

Emotion, nervousness and advice

Megara, Siderland, Famous, Aritz Aren, E’ Femme, Twin Melody and Jose Otero: none of them wanted to miss this farewell before giving the final push and leaving their skin on the Liverpool stage. Each of them is aware of the talent of Blanca Paloma and lets her know it with these words of support and affection that they have dedicated to her.

“I think she is one of the safest candidates that Spain has led. Let her do what she has to do. I’m sure she won’t come down from the top 3,” said Other.

The farewell concert has also been added Chanelwinner of the Benidorm Fest and the bronze of the Eurovisuel in Turin 2022. They became friends in the edition of the festival and now that she can put herself in the place of what she feels, the interpreter of Clavaito He wanted to speak to her from the bottom of his heart: “You don’t need advice, you are a huge woman from head to toe. You are an artist. You have the talent, you have the tenacity, you have the concentration. .. . go ahead, do what you know how to do and fall in love with the whole world,” he added.

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Blanca Paloma and Chanel / RTVE

Finally, Blanca took the bull by the horns and regaled us with her lullaby Lorca which pays homage to her grandmother Carmen, accompanied by the electronic base to which we are accustomed and which was greeted with a shower of applause. Now yes, Blanca Paloma for Eurovision 2023!

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