Arantxa de Benito skips the Covid Regulations

Arantxa de Benito skips the Covid Regulations

Arantxa de Benito went out this Saturday to have a drink with some friends and as the minutes ticked by on her watch, she was forgetting that we are still in a terrible Covid pandemic that has taken many lives ahead.

Much has been said in recent weeks about Zayra Gutiérrez for her behavior in the face of the pandemic that we are experiencing, but it seems that in her home she is not the only one that does not obey the Covid regulations.

Zayra Gutiérrez’s mother arrived at the restaurant in the Madrid capital with her mask on and greeted some friends who were just entering the terrace. Minutes later and as soon as she sits down at the table she shared with several friends, Arantxa removes her mask and forgets everything. What if a laugh here, another there.

The worst came later, when after having been enjoying all afternoon with friends they all get up and in the middle of the street say goodbye with lasting hugs without respecting the regulations imposed after the Covid. The security measure is something that does not exist for Arantxa de Benito, but neither for her friends.

Some images that have caught our attention because although the numbers of infections have dropped, we are still in a very dangerous pandemic that at the minimum of change can twist again.

And it is that we are demanding a lot from Zayra Gutiérrez, when we see that people from the same house do not pay attention to the regulations that exist.

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