We’ve already passed more than enough of the April equator, so there’s less to know what will be the PS Plus games of May 2023. Well actually one of them is already known since sony announced it in advance. But today I don’t want to talk about the May PlayStation Plus games because there are still a few days left before they are announced and our predictions they are already on the table.

Instead, I’m going to talk about games already available with PS Plus, because there is one among all those who have added to the catalog this month who most likely goes unnoticed and that’s because it happens in the catalog as well as other titles that have been very popular and media. But the fact that it is less popular does not make it a worse game. On the contrary, it is a jewel, so I leave you below which is, in my opinion, the April cover.

April PS Plus Game Coverage

  • In fact, I’m talking about paradise killer
  • This game offers an 81 on Metacritic in its PC version… and an 89 in its PS5 version
  • But hey, I always say you don’t trust the notes of Metacriticism, so I’ll talk about this game myself
  • It’s found Now available for all PS Plus Extra or Premium subscribers, so if you are a subscriber you can download it both on PS4 and PS5

What is Paradise Killer about?

Well, this game puts you in a rather beautiful setting that puts you on a futuristic island that has a rather strange history: “regenerates every few millennia. The psychic power that alien worshipers release into the universe is intended to nurture and, at some point, revive their dead deities. But this force also attracts the unwanted interest of demons, who end up corrupting every island, until a new alternate reality emerges within the Council.” it is requested on the PS Store game tab.

So, entering the game now, it’s a mysterious game where you have to guess who was the murderer in a mysterious case. You can investigate the island for evidence, clues, or even relics that will tell you more about the island’s history. And yes, I can assure you that paradise killer It’s a great game that was sure to go unnoticed amidst all the great games that were added to PS Plus in April. Give it a chance!

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