Aston Martin showed that miracles, in F1, also exist. That if there’s work, lots of work, you can do something that At first it seemed impossible. Because the team, which finished seventh in the 2022 World Cup and ninth when Fernando Alonso signed in the summer, was the second fastest car in the Bahrain GP. He was the only team that rivaled Red Bull. And they were also made with a stand THANKS to the race of the Asturian.

Yes like this You can’t refuse the soufflé. The team, ex of Sebastian Vettel, He has improved so much that he has attracted attention, and not for good of Red Bull. For what those with energy drinks They already see those at Silverstone as rivals. And for this reason, they have already started the dialectical war.

In Aston Martin they pass, and concentrate in what Fernando Alonso did in Bahrain don’t be just a flash in the pan. Let there be more podiums. That, why not, there may even be victories and that the Asturian adds the long-awaited 33. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, they say, it must be better than in Bahrain… So be careful.

So much so that what they wanted in the tests, which was to be leaders in the midfield, has been proven and exceeded. They are the best of the rest, that without a doubt… and they are also the best after Red Bull no matter how much Alpine says this or that. It has reached such a point that not only “the choice of enemies has changed”, but also the objectives.

“You can’t look at those who are behind…”

This sentence was from Antonio Lobato, and he went further in the Youtube channel of ‘SoyMotor’. The journalist, one of the most reputable voices in F1 and who knows best what is happening in the “paddock”, has set himself the objective, “the new objective”, marked on Aston Martin.

“Red Bull is the benchmark. They want to cut the distance with them. You cannot look at those who are behind. You have to look ahead,” he said.

And he continues: “It will be very complicated approach Red Bull, but you have to watch out for them.”

“The right wheel is that of Red Bull”

“It’s like riding a bicycle. The right wheel is that of these guys. And in Bahrain you already beat at Ferrari there and Mercedes, who are also in a very complicated situation,” says Lobato.

So look ahead. The path is marked by Red Bull, and the progress of Aston Martin, with a car that is a real revolution given the AMR22 past, will be concentrated to get there. This is the ambition of which so many Fernando Alonso has spoken.

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