The 2023 Oscars have been the most intense, especially for the actors. Michelle Yeoh may become the first-ever Asian descent winner for Best Actress, while Brendan Fraser could end a whole cycle of a career touched by misfortune with the highest honor for a performer in the United States. Angela Bassett, for her part, could have received her first Oscar, as well as the top acting award for Marvel Studios.

But in her category for Best Supporting Actress, she had competition. Jamie Lee Curtis was not among the favorites, although she had a significant Hollywood lineage and a long career to which she could attribute her success, as well as a notable role in one of the films of the year. And when it came time to hand over the prize, finally, the first name of the daughter of Tony Curtis came out of the mouth of the presenter, Ariana DeBose.

Bassett immediately went viral for her reaction, which was understated but expressive. Everything indicated that she was clearly disappointed, even if it was not only her. Hundreds of messages flooded social networks in solidarity with the actress, fervently defending that she was the one who deserved to have won this Oscar. Later, a couple appeared on stage who threw a spear in her favor for all to see:

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors, both successful thanks to the premiere of Creed III where they play antagonistic roles, mounted the stage to present the award for best cinematography. On their way to the microphone, they did not hesitate to seek out the veteran actress in the audience and dedicate a few words to her: “Hey Aunt, we love you,” recited Majors.

Jordan was quick to agree, adding words of support for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest villain, making it clear that they knew very well what the situation was for her. And it is not strange to assume that the performer was going through a bad period because for her, it was a decisive evening in her career. She was already nominated in 1994 thanks to her role in What’s Love Got to Do with It, where she puts herself in the shoes of the very Tina Turner, although she lost to Holly Hunter for her performance in The Piano.

On this occasion, the New Yorker had the opportunity to promote the character of Ramonda, the Queen of Wakanda in Black Panther. In this second film, she had an even more dramatic charge, which critics praised, even if it does not seem to have been enough in the face of Jamie Lee Curtis’ comedic point in All at Once Everywhere.

Added to this is the missed opportunity for Marvel to have brought its first statuette to an actress, something in which its direct competition has an advantage. DC has already obtained that the deceased Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix were rewarded with their respective roles as the Joker, so the MCU will have to wait.

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