I always mention it in any analysis. As much as they tell you; there will be no one to sell you an objective version when analyzing something. Whether that person likes it or not, there are experiences behind every person that help form an opinion in one way or another. Rather than sell you an objective version of this analysis, I’m going to do what I always do, put us in a situation where I can be subjective. In this case it is a difficult analysis for me, I’m a real Star Wars fan. Is it good or bad? Well, I’m not one of those who only live from the first six films, I would even tell you that I really liked the Rey trilogy. Therefore, I try to enjoy everything that Disney offers us new from the franchise without clinging too much to the past.

But hey, at the same time that I’m telling you that, I’m also putting you in a situation of something else. I couldn’t finish Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Although I liked his proposal, it was a game that I ended up leaving halfway through for lack of interest, I lost the desire and he did not give me an experience that would motivate me enough to continue. so this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor served me as a kind of truce with the franchise or directly to take it off the radar altogether.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor managed to “click” me

I’m already anticipating it Just as Fallen Orden failed to click me, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did, and I’ll tell you why in this review.. You can also enjoy the video analysis below:

In case you arrive here, at this analysis of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, without knowing anything about the game and even without having played the previous title, I will tell you two things. The first is that Survivor works like a sequel to Jedi Order, something that this second installment solves very well, putting us in situation of the plot in just 5 minutes of trailer. And the second is that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is, as I tell my friends, a Star Wars x Dark Souls x Assassin’s Creed. Let me explain, this title is inspired a lot by these games in the sense that we have a fairly tactical combat, we have the typical “bonfires” of Dark Souls to rest, recover, spawn enemies or improve our skills among others. And then it takes a lot from adventure games like Uncharted or AC in the sense that we have areas where platforming and puzzle solving are the key to progress.

I am not commenting on any of this in a derogatory tone, because the game finds its place by mixing these two formulas, even perfects it from the previous game, with better combat, much deeper and with more exploration and better level design. Because this time we continue to travel through the planets of the Star Wars universe, but this time we have many more open and worked areas than in the previous titleWell, without being open world, they tried to give us a greater sense of freedom than before.

Or I enjoyed it very much it was in combatthis time Cal Kestis moves much better, combos are greatly improved and the destructive sensation with the lightsaber is spectacular. Maybe that sounds old, but when I started slicing androids with Cal, I got a lot of vibe from the amazing The Phantom Menace on PS1, and that feeling hadn’t been felt in a Star Wars game for a long time.

My first feelings while playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor were the same as with this PS1 game at the time

Feel like the most powerful Jedi in history

He the destructive power is extremely great and it does not hurt me to say that for the analysis I had to try various difficulties and I ended up enjoying the easy a lot more than the hardBecause walking around with that feeling of power is incredibly comforting, something that gets lost in the tougher modes. If you play the hard mode, you’ll enjoy completing each encounter with that level of challenge, and if you play the easier modes, you’ll feel the power of being a Jedi..

In general the game develops very well in the 15-18 hours that the main story lasts, taking us to some pretty interesting places, battling some really interesting bosses, and telling a story, which manages to be better than the first one, which I thought was pretty anecdotal. We still don’t have a moving story, but it works and engages a lot more than the first episode..

I’m a little afraid to talk about performance. Although I enjoyed the game without major issues, the version we played had serious performance issuesEspecially in cutscenes. Now from the studio we were promised that this would all be fixed at launch. I feel compelled to comment on it, if when the game is on the streets there is no problem in this regard, you can ignore this paragraph, but after the experience we had with Cyberpunk 2077, I think that it’s fair to say we played with some serious frame drops. I hope they are not present. Because if I was able to enjoy the game with these “little problems”, so much the better that you live it without anything technical that tarnishes it.

star wars jedi survivor 6

In another order of things, it’s something very important for the fans, but the truth is that the game exudes that Star Wars essence. Just like the previous episode, there is lots of love from Respawn when it comes to creating the universe, recreate it and bring to life all the beings we meet in the adventure. Also, on a historical level, the game focuses on a very interesting time to explore, so the fanservice that those of us who love it a lot are experiencing is very nice.

Conclusion, is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor worth it?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an enjoyable game whether you’re a Star Wars fan or someone outside the franchise. A robust and enjoyable combat system that is the axis of a title that takes us to a wide variety of places, poses constant challenges and tells us a story with a much stronger narrative than what the first installment gave us given. A continuity sequel that is committed to improving on both what it did well and what it did poorly, being a logical and consistent evolution.

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