Anabel Pantoja's incomprehensible reaction to her False Pregnancy

Anabel Pantoja’s incomprehensible reaction to her False Pregnancy

The Save Me program continues to explode the possible pregnancy of Anabel Pantoja. The collaborator agreed to undergo a live pregnancy test that yielded a positive result.

Now, and after a second test carried out by the collaborator at her home and which was negative, the program still does not believe her and wants to perform a live ultrasound to clarify the truth. Will Anabel Pantoja allow it?

What started as an irony with a photo published by Anabel, in which her boyfriend was seen caressing her bulging belly as criticism of those who laugh at his physique, has ended up causing a huge controversy in Mediaset: Is Anabel Pantoja pregnant?

Yesterday, Isabel Pantoja’s niece explained the reasons why he had uploaded the image that has sparked speculation about his state of good hope and then voluntarily took a rapid pregnancy test to prove that she was not pregnant.

But things went wrong after, to their amazement, Carlota Corredera announced that the test result was positive. She denied it and assured that “this is not possible. It is a joke of the program ”, while the presenter of the program remained in her thirteen: “Anabel is pregnant”.

Anabel’s reaction to her possible pregnancy has surprised her colleagues

But the positive surprised all his colleagues, even more the reaction of his partner, that she plans to marry her boyfriend Omar this year, whom she calls “El Negro”.

According to Kiko Matamoros, his reaction was abnormal. Apparently, and according to several contributors, she made a gesture that showed her rejection of the idea of ​​being a mother right now.

Anabel had no illusions the news of the pregnancy. She left the set desperate – Matamoros assured – I’m not going to betray her but he made a gesture that I think comes out of despair, in the sense of the rejection that her pregnancy produced in her.

It was an incomprehensible reaction and don’t pull my tongue ”. A gesture that surprised everyone and that Gema López has confirmed that she saw: “He made a gesture that surprised me but, well, then he reacted. He said he was going to repeat the test, call his mother and that she was pregnant, I wanted to leave because he has many things to do”.

Anabel: “I prefer a boy, Black doesn’t care “

Anabel has joked about pregnancy and she has debated with his colleagues about the possible names that he would give his first child, discarding that of Isabel, “because there are already many in the family.”

She has assured that she only cares if he is a healthy child and “that she would prefer a boy although the Negro does not care if he is a boy or a girl.”

It was then that the program has proposed to have a live ultrasound. With the presence of a gynecologist and a 3D ultrasound machine on set, they have explained how with this test they can all leave doubts and confirm for sure whether or not they are pregnant.

But, despite taking the issue with humor, Anabel has denied that she is going to undergo the test and has explained the reasons why she does not want to do it: “I do not want to make such an intimate moment public in front of all Spain. I want to do it with my partner, with “El Negro” shaking my hand, not on TV ”.

But we will have to wait all afternoon to see if the management manages to convince Isabel Pantoja’s niece to lend herself to show off her pregnancy, something you’ve already done by agreeing to take a live urine test.

An attitude that makes us wonder if her refusal to take the ultrasound is out of modesty or to continue feeding a pregnancy that comes with bread under her arm. But, as expected, in the end the Sevillian has accepted the challenge that has shown that she is not pregnant.

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