This Sunday we saw Survivors: Honduras Connection A Yulen Pereira in Honduras informing Asraf Beno and his mother, Arelys Ramoson his breakup with Anabel Pantoja. And it is that, since it was announced that they are no longer together, he has not stopped talking about it. He exclusively gave in an interview that his ex must not be very amused.

Many were surprised by the reaction of Arelys who He assured that it hurt him to hear this sad news and that he would speak to Anabel when he returned. An Anabel who hasn’t spoken too much and who is devastated, according to her friends.

And meanwhile, she in Spain has shared some photos with her full nude. “Here I am, and we carry on “, he wrote next to the images taken in Gran Canaria. And of course, as always when he does something like this, the criticism multiplied.

  • You like to show off, you make a fool of yourself, you’re old enough to settle down, sometimes I think you need a boil
  • This girl has lost her shame
  • Really, is it necessary?
  • stop ridiculing yourself
  • Expert in rudeness and devouring the food of And if we add that they think that the others are their lackeys… well that’s how it is! Low Cost Diva
  • I don’t understand why he always has to be naked. He can do whatever he wants, of course. But hey, I don’t understand.
  • Influencer?… of a life it’s called being RIDICULOUS, you don’t do anything else, you concentrate for a fucking time and you’re tired and if you want to live off this you’re on the wrong track, you don’t do don’t contribute anything but to make you look ridiculous

back to television

Just the weekend we found out Anabel is coming back to TV. “I still can’t say where or when it will be released, but the first recordings of a program where Anabel Pantoja will be the protagonist have already been made,” he announced. Aurelio Manzano In Party.

We know that the program in question will be called Anabel’s travels and in the sense of jesus callejawill allow us to see her in different places interviewing well-known personalities.

Since coming back from Survivors, he had moved away from the medium, but it is clear that it was something temporary as he was preparing this new format.

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