Warner Bros. Discovery has announced all the new series coming to its MAX platform

Discovery of Warner Bros. officially announced the new name of its streaming platform: MAX. A new brand that removes the share of HBO of the name (but not its contents) and which adds all the contents of Discovery+a product born from the merger of the two companies after Discovery bought Warner Bros.. In addition to announcing the name change, the company revealed the price of the new platform and a list of confirmed projects from the studio’s most important franchises, such as Harry Potter oh Game Of Thrones. Keep reading the article if you want to know all new series announced for MAX.

Restart Harry Potter

One of the most controversial news that the press event of Max This is the new Harry Potter series. This project will not be a spin-off of the films nor will it develop the story of any of the characters, It’s a reboot of the main story.. A new adaptation of the books but in series format, in which there is expected to be one season per book, i.e. seven seasons. The cast will be completely new, so We will never see Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson or Rupert Grint again..

Game of Thrones Prequel: Dunk & Egg

George RR Martin has confirmed that he is working with HBO on various spin-offs of Game Of Thrones. After the success of the dragon houseit was to be expected that Discovery of Warner Bros. give the green light to a new project in the universe of Song of Ice and Fire for your streaming platform. Max confirmed a new series that will adapt dunk & egg talescomposed of three novels: The wandering knight, the loyal sword there the mysterious knight. These stories are led by the gentleman Ser Duncan the Great (Dunk) and his squire Egg. There are no official dates or cast announced and at the moment recent rumors of a series on Aegon I Targaryen they will have to wait.

Computing Precision: “Welcome to Derry”

Warner Bros. recently enjoyed box office success with the two computer films, based on the novels by Stephen King. Both are led by Andy Pussetand that this time he will direct the first episode and produce the series. Jason Fuchs will be in charge of the screenplay and will also be the executive producer, accompanied by Barbara Muschietti, sister of the director and producer of the two feature films. This new series will be a prequel to the films set in the 60s and will tell the origin of the iconic clown Pennywise. The name of the series “Welcome to Derry” It’s still tentative, but it would be a great title for the project.

The Conjuring spin-off

After eight feature films set in the universe of Conspiracy This new series is coming to the streaming platform: Max. The creators of the film franchise, James Wan there Saffron Stonewill be the producers of this new project. Discovery of Warner Bros. announced that this new series “will continue the story established in the feature films”. Remember that this saga is made up of trilogies of Warren expedite there annabellewith the movies La Llorona, the nun and the next sequel the nun 2, which will be released on September 8. For the moment, no release date is known for this new spin-off.

The Big Bang Theory spin-off

A new spin-off from The Big Bang Theory. It would be the second project derived from the famous television series after young Sheldon. chuck lore, creator of the series, will be in charge of this new story in which its protagonists are unknown. So far there is no information on whether this is a sequel to one of the main or secondary characters, with the same cast. It could also be a prequel that shows the childhood of one of them, as happened with young Sheldon.

The system of government

After the success of Easttown Mare in 2021, Kate Winslet will return to the streaming platform with this new series. The story tells of a year within the palace walls of a modern European regime as it begins to decline. A premise of political satire that promises a plot full of mystery. So far, no other information is known about the plot and its characters, but Discovery of Warner Bros. released the first trailer for the announcement of its new brand MAX.

The Penguin

Although not a new announcement, we have the series of The Penguin. After the success of The Batman This new project has arrived, a spin-off centered on the character played by Collin Farrell. After the events of Robert Pattinson’s film, this notorious DC comics criminal must adapt and fight in this new Gotham yet to come. This series is essential to expand the universe of The Batman and its events could be very important in future films of the franchise, in addition to the fact that it is very possible that other characters will appear. The Penguin It will arrive on the MAX streaming platform in 2024.

Gremlins: Secrets of Mogwai

Discovery of Warner Bros. there Amblin Television have created a new animated series about the universe ‘Gremlins’located in the mythical 1984 movie. This project is a prequel to the original story, which will tell the origin of the gadget accompanying a young man named Sam Wing in Shanghai in the 1920s. This spin-off promises to be an action-packed adventure that will reunite the little ones of the house as well as all the viewers who enjoyed the feature film in the eighties.

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