How are you doing this first week of play? Honkai: Stellar Rail? I confess that I really appreciate the new game of HoYover, and I would dare to say that, for the moment, I like it more than Genshin Impact. However, I haven’t had Seele yet, who is the 5 star character starring in the current promo banner (which is still two weeks old). And if you haven’t reached it yet, this post interests you!

a sin Genshin Impact, In Honkai: Stellar Rail there is also codes to obtain certain rewards, some of which are star jade, which are the coins that we will use to exchange them for gachapon towers. 160 jades are 1 roll. Knowing this, use the following codes!

All Honkai: Star Rail codes to redeem in May 2023

  • 2T7BP4JVEBT7 – 3 Traveler’s Logs, 2 Condensed Ether, 3 Cosmic Fried Rice, and 5,000 Credits
  • STARRAL GIFT – 50 Star Jade, 2 Traveller’s Records, 5 Bottles of Soda and 10,000 Credits.
  • HSRVER10XEDLFE – 50 Star Jade and 10,000 Credits

How to Redeem Honkai: Star Rail Codes

From the web

  1. Come to the official game website
  2. Thanks there cross platform, the codes you use will earn you rewards on the platform you play on
  3. Write your region, nickname and code. And ready!

of the game itself

  1. Go to the game menu and enter Settings/Configuration
  2. Once inside, go to account
  3. In the account, you will have the possibility to Redeem code. Come in and… Swap!

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