If you’re a subscriber, get the most out of the PlayStation service like never before by getting all this exclusive content completely free

How did you start the month of May? Have you played any PS Plus Essential Tier games this month yet? Well, of course, but I’m also sure that many of you you want something more than games, since you pay a full subscription for a year, 3 months or anytime, right?

Well, if you want more than monthly games, you’ve come to the right place. Here I will talk about all exclusive content made available to subscribers completely free of charge, so aim well, and download whatever you want!

Exclusive PS Plus content for April 2023

If you are a fan of games like Overwatch 2, Fortnite oh fight, then you are in luck because there are free packs for these games. Although there are many more that you can see in this link, I leave you these most remarkable exclusive contents below:

Exclusive game discounts as a PS Plus subscriber

In addition to all the exclusive content that I’m going to leave you below, all PlayStation Plus subscribers have access to exclusive discounts on different games which non-subscribers cannot enjoy. So check it out if you want to check out your next big, gold-priced video game if you’re a PS Plus subscriber.

Rocket League PS Plus Bundle

  • Link to the PS Store
  • Which includes:
    • Purple/green version of Glaive wheels
    • Adorno Shuriken
    • Reviver Sticker
    • sugar thread accelerator

Fall Guys: Musical Antics Pack

  • Link to the PS Store
  • Which includes:
    • Acoustic Lawyer (Top Costume)
    • Utility belt (lower disguise)
    • Pumpkin Guitar (Upper Costume)
    • Slime Gun Belt (Lower Disguise)
    • Stilts and falls (celebration)
    • 2300 compliments!

Overwatch Bundle 2

  • Download link
  • Which includes:
    • Moira’s Blackwatch Skin
    • 3 battle pass tiers

Fortnite Chilling Mystery Gear Pack

  • Link to the PS Store
  • Which includes:
    • Futuristic Relic Pickaxe
    • Neon gradient packaging
    • Frost Fire Emoticon
    • Chilling Mysterious Banner

Brawlhalla – Bonus Pack 8

  • Download link
  • Which includes:
    • Aspect of King Roland
    • legend of sir roland
    • Ultralance (rocket launcher)
    • deal with it emote

And if you have PS Plus Premium…

One of the biggest benefits enjoyed by PS Plus Premium subscribers, the highest tier of those in the PlayStation service, is free game trials Some titles are available to enjoy for hours, and a real gem has recently become available: Worship of the Lamb:

  • If you have PS Plus Premium you can take a test Worship of the Lamb.
  • The proof is limited to one hour of play.
  • To access the test will have to go to game page in store there have PS Plus Premium.
  • This offer open the door to new users who have not yet decided to buy the game and decide in full knowledge of the facts.

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