Star Wars Jedi: Survivor drinks directly (and logically) from all the iconography that has emerged to date from the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas nearly 50 years ago. However, that hasn’t stopped the developers at Respawn from paying a little tribute to another great space heroine in their game. The heroine in question is Samus Aran, and the game is Super Metroid, from 1993.

For someone young or not very observant, it may be an unimportant detail, but Jeff Grubb He is not one of those who let it go. The Giant Bomb reporter himself was the one who posted Survivor’s nod to the Super Metroid tutorial on Twitter.

The scene shows Cal Kestis riding a set of elevators doing zigzag jumps and being guided by what appear to be three Boglings, just like the Etecoon (monkey-like beings) did to Samus 30 years ago to learn to climb vertical holes. .

It seems like a great detail to us, from a budding saga of video games to another with much more tradition.

Cal and Samus wouldn’t make a bad team, really.

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