2023 promises to be a year that alison wonderland won’t easily forget. The DJ confirmed a few days apart that she would give birth to three times this year: first with her new recording projects then with her first baby with her partner Of.

The Australian revealed all the details of her musical and personal situation, causing a small revolution in the electronic music industry. Barely a year after the release of Loner, the artist has already prepared his next musical adventures which will go on sale only one month apart.

The first will come this same March 16th and it’s about Loner The remixesa job in which the DJ remixed songs from his latest studio album with artists such as 1788-L, Fredrick, Friend Whithin, Hex Cougar, Leer, Moore Kismet, Pauline Herr and Villa: “Here is the INCREDIBLE lineup for the “Loner” remix album. Super honored that these artists are collaborating on this. It’s out this Thursday, March 16. Link in bio,” she posted on her official social media profile.

His Instagram account also served as a framework to announce his new musical project under his pseudonym Whyte Fang. His first album will be Genesis and it will be released on April 14: “My debut album @thewhytefang titled GENESIS will be released on April 14th (the day @coachella plays)!! I’ve wanted to release this project for over a decade and I’m finally doing it on my own label @fmurecords. My vision is so clear with this project and I can confidently say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard or seen from me I’ve been working on all things @thewhytefang quietly behind the scenes and can’t wait for you to make it experience. This is another aspect of my creative output that has been there the whole time, waiting for it to be fully realized and ready to be shared with the world. It’s done. How about you? Album cover made by the amazing @briscoepark.”

And if all this information had been little to put all his followers on alert, the situation ended up becoming a big party with the precious news that Alison Wonderland is pregnant. “Surprise! Wonderland baby on the way My other half Ti and I are very excited about our collaboration ” she posted on her networks with images in her underwear in which she shows how advanced her pregnancy is.

Alison Wonderland’s life is about to take a 180 degree turn and we are sure her personal situation will inspire new music that we will enjoy for many years to come.

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