Alessandra Minnicelli denounced that the PJ erased her and her husband Julio De Vido from the list of affiliates

Alessandra Minnicelli denounced that the PJ erased her and her husband Julio De Vido from the list of Affiliates

After the expiration of the deadline to register candidates for the internal elections of the PJ it will be confirmed that President Alberto Fernández will lead the official list, which will face one headed by the governor of saint Louis, Alberto Rodriguez Saa, the leader Alessandra Minncelli denounced that she and her husband, the former Minister of Planning Julio Of Vido, they were erased from membership records.

In a letter sent to the current president of the Justicialista Party at the national level, the deputy Jose Luis Gioja, Minnicelli wrote: “This is motivated to denounce before you and the party a very serious irregularity occurred in relation to my party affiliation and that of my husband Julio Miguel De Vido”.

Reviewing the membership records I verify that we have been ‘removed’ from the listings, which is why I resort to the website of the National Registry of Affiliates to Political Parties and warn that ‘we are not listed in the national register of affiliates‘”Said the leader.

Along these lines, De Vido’s wife explained that “for further inquiries, I consult with my province -Santa Cruz- and The President agrees to find out what happened, notwithstanding which he tells me that the Ministry of the Interior terminates affiliations when there is a change of address and that this could be the reason ”.

“If so, I ask my party to immediately take the measures to correct this flagrant violation of the constitutional right to join or disaffiliate. that all Argentine citizens have and in safeguarding my right -and my husband’s- put us back in the list of affiliates to the PJMinnicelli asked.

Meanwhile, he concluded: “To all manifest events that Julio Miguel De Vido, DNI 8,186,471, has been a congressman for Santa Cruz (1991-2003), has been a member of the Superior Council of the Justicialista Party and Secretary of Planning respectively until 2017 and I, Alessandra Minnicelli DNI 16,209,508, have been a member of the PJ Santa Cruz Account Review Commission ”.

In addition to the possibility of voting in the elections to be held on March 21, the fact of not appearing in the affiliate registry it would prevent them from participating in the elections as candidates.

Yesterday the candidatures were confirmed

Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez 

“Unity and Federalism” It is the official list, which leads President Fernández as a candidate to lead the Peronist seal, while that of San Luis Rodríguez Saá bears the name “October 17 Argentine Force”.

The list headed by the head of state has as vice-presidents the national deputies Cristina Álvarez Rodríguez and Lucía Corpacci; the governors of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and from Tucumán, Juan Manzur; and the vice-governor of Chaco, Analía Rach Quiroga.

Meanwhile, the first positions of councilors remained for the general secretary of the CGT Hector Daer; the governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia kirchner; the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero; and the mayor of General Roca, Mary Emilia Soria; the interior ministers, Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro; and Defense, Agustin Rossi; the head of the Federal Council of Public Policies, Victoria Tolosa Paz; the director of the Anses, Fernanda Raverta; the national senator José Neder; and the deputy governor of Buenos Aires, Verónica Magario.

They also took place on the official list of trade unionists as Hugo Yasky, Pablo Moyano, Víctor Santa María, Antonio Caló and Ricardo Pignanelli; and the governors of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti; from Entre Ríos, Gustavo Bordet; from La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela; San Juan, Sergio Uñac; Catamarca, Raúl Jalil; and La Pampa, Sergio Ziliottorevealed the agency NA.

For its part, Rodríguez Saá’s payroll was presented and is subject to review by the party’s Electoral Board, which will determine if it meets the requirements established by the seal’s charter.

Together with the governor of San Luis, the former lieutenant governor of Buenos Aires will seek to compete Gabriel mariotto; the arrested leader of the Tupac Amaru, Miracle Room; and the former head of the Financial Information Unit (FIU) Joseph Sbatella.

The internal elections in the Peronist seal are scheduled for next Sunday, March 21: currently, the leadership is in the hands of the San Juan José Luis Gioja, accompanied in the vice-presidencies by Daniel Scioli, Lucía Corpacci, Leonardo Nardini, Antonio Caló and Rosana Bertone.

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