The county sheriff’s office believes there are conversations on Alec Baldwin’s cell phone that could be related to the tragedy. They are looking to get messages, call logs, photos or videos about the production of Rust. There will even be an exhaustive search for previously deleted files.

The reason why Alec’s cell phone could be accessed until now was because at the time, Baldwin refused to give it to him until there was a court order involved.

Halyna Hutchins
Halyna Hutchins lost her life on October 21 when she was hit by a bullet from a pistol carried by actor Alec Baldwin.

According to the information obtained by The New York Post, at first there were conversations about the production in the mobile of Halyna Hutchins that correspond to the 14 of July.

What the police intend is to verify the information obtained that may be related to all those involved in the filming. “All the information collected from the start date of the filming of Rust it is essential for a complete investigation”, read the official documents.

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