Aitana’s latest news about her new album surprised her fans: “How come you’re over 18?”

Aitana’s latest news about her new album surprised her fans: “How come you’re over 18?”

We have less and less left to hear the new breakthrough of Alpha, is Aitana’s highly anticipated third studio album. The Spanish singer shared the name and release date of her next single a few days ago. It is Angels and will be released on March 30. Come on, there’s nothing left.

Indeed, in the 40 seconds barely that he shared the song on his networks, we can see a touch much more mature and dark than that of his previous works. And it is that the verse he shared left his fans speechless: “While they didn’t know it, I kissed you in secret. No one did this to you. You sought me out, you ate me. But it was Adam’s fault when Eve s is lost and another apple has bitten. Our lips are looking at each other.”

But the unknowns about this new project persist. This same Friday, March 24, Aitana published a news on her social networks: she will organize a launch party for this single.

Under the name of Alpha House, Aitana invites her followers to live a totally immersive experience on March 29 from 11:00 p.m. A way to present Los Angeles with its followers and followers.

Of course, at the moment he only revealed that he was in Madrid and it was the start of his new era. The most important thing is that admission is free until full capacity is reached. Here is the description of the event:

“¿Do you want to know what is hidden inside αlphaHouse? αitana invites you to discover it on 03/29/2023 in Madrid from 11 p.m. until late in an event where its doors will open for the first time to promote the change of a generation. An event that will launch the αlpha community, with a secret Line-Up of impact to not stop dancing. The only rule of the night is: it is compulsory to dance”

How to get the ticket?

If you want to get a ticket, we recommend you hurry and set an alarm a few minutes before they become available. Tickets will be available from 27/03 at 6:00 p.m. And you can only buy two tickets per person. This is a free event and you must be of legal age to participate. Given the limited capacity, tickets will fly and you are likely to run out of tickets.

What caught the attention of her social media followers and followers the most was the question of age. “How come I’m over 18, Aitana?”, “‘Too bad I can’t go because of my age!” or “Will there be a way in if I’m underage?” are just some of the most repeated comments.

Considering that it is a party in a club, it is normal that minors are not allowed to enter.

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