Since we were little we wanted the arrival of Friday to enjoy a well-deserved school break and find our favorite cousins ​​or friends. Also. Now that we’ve grown up, Friday is the time to enjoy a new music session in our living room with the volume turned up.

If Rosalía, Rauw Alejandro, Ana Mena, Bizarrap, Arcángel and Ed Sheeran were among those who delighted us with their new songs on March 24, it’s time for another list of artists that won’t leave you indifferent. This is how the month of March says goodbye!

Friday March 31

Father – Angels. The artist presented his new musical era. The new trailer is here Alphaa record will be out soon and it will sound very different from what we were used to. Angels It’s that advancement that moves away from pop sounds towards some of the catchiest house beats.

Tiago PZK – It looks like you. Another lucky one is the Argentinian, who presented the Deluxe version of his album portals. One of the new songs we were able to listen to is the one we mentioned, in which the music video brings us closer to the love story of an elderly couple, who manages to cure an illness with that beautiful feeling . Although sometimes we can give so much love that we remain empty.

Becky G, Peso Plume – Chanel. The artist dares a Mexican regional by the hand of one of the most beautiful promises of the genre. Both tell a story of heartbreak that many will identify with.

Emily – Jagger.mp3. Argentina makes us vibrate to the rhythm of urban pop to transport us directly to the 2000s. He draws inspiration from artists such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ciara and Missy Elliott to show that reggaeton is not his only passion. .

Duki, CRO – Hara-kiri. Argentina is in the house. The Trap Vampires have revolutionized their fans with this long-awaited release. They boast of their rise to fame based on effort and through the support of their fans. Additionally, they are bringing a music video with a very Japanese aesthetic featuring neon and the color red. This is the first preview of Duki’s new album.

Feid, Young Miko – Class 101. Everyone wants to collaborate with Feid, but also with Young Miko. Also. Both have fulfilled the wish of all their fans by joining in a song by surprise which, how could it be otherwise, is led by the sounds of reggaeton.

Ozuna, John, Brray- The Single. Another who previewed his upcoming album is Puerto Rican. He joins these two artists in a song that takes us directly to the dance floor to dance to the ground. Ozuna is inspired by Miami Vice to present this new project.

Ptazeta, LIT Killah – The answer. A union that many expected to hear is that presented by the Canary Islands and Argentina. Produced by Juacko, it features some of the most catchy urban sounds that transport us to musical ecstasy. In the lyrics, they combined English and Spanish.

Jisoo- Flower. BLACPINK fans are in luck. One of her favorite artists made her solo debut with her album ME, which includes this single. In the song, the South Korean presents us with her romantic and sensual facet and tells us a story of grief and her moment of fulfillment.

Marc Segui – at least now. The Spaniard presented the latest progress of his EP YYYYYYand did it with a rock sound that includes a tribute to Nek in its chorus.

Others who join the wave of musical new releases of the week are Baby Rexha with Call me, Natti Natasha with smileJhayco with small bodyPaula Koops with Hey, goodbyeJowell & Randy and Maluma with cupsLose yourself and Marlena with caresses on your backPurple Disco Machine con SubstitutionKygo, Paul McCartney the Michael Jackson scam say say sayVicco with I die for you y Samurai con wall and sword.

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