How did a girl like you end up in a club like this? This could be the premise of Aitana’s new musical era. The Spanish star opened the doors of Alpha: their highly anticipated third studio album inspired by the dance sounds of the early 2000s. Angels It was the letter of introduction of this new stage, being quite a declaration of intent. And it is that Aitana has broken with her image of a girl with many roots. And we can’t be more in this decision!

Alpha not only comes with a change in sound, but also in its lyrics. Aitana explores her sensuality through the verses and her music videos. There are no more taboos or diamonds in between. Welcome and welcome to the sexual revolution! But how did he get here? Well, although many didn’t realize it, it was a gradual path that led to Angels. We analyze how love evolved on Aitana’s records.

disclose: a Disney love where kisses do not exist

In 2018, Aitana launched Disclose. He automatically became one of the great pop stars of our country thanks to his first singles: Phone there you will stay. The Catalan opted for an album full of romantic verses, where she spoke of pure love. From with honey on the lips until Nade Dirty Evilpassing by We lost the reason: all speak about a romance.

There is also the heartache. Better than you oh I’m staying They talk about empowerment after a breakup. But there is no mention of physical desire in any of the songs. There are also no swear words. The most that the Spanish singer says is Stupid. And he does it in English.

In the music videos from this era, we also don’t see any interaction with their fictional partners. In you will stay the boy, played by Àlex Maruny, is only a mirage with which he barely interacts. A fading memory of the past. Does not exist.

For its part, the video clip of nothing comes out could hardly be part of the universe of a Disney Channel movie. Aitana stars in a romantic comedy where she falls in love with a boy in the elevator. But, as in this type of film, there is no sexual tension. The only thing the protagonists yearn for is an almost kiss. And we say “almost” because the viewer never sees it.

A very wise decision for the singer, who had just left Operation Triumph and dragged a tween fandom behind him. She was the example to follow, the artist your mother wants you to listen to and the image of the cologne your aunt is going to give you for Christmas. There is no controversy, there is no debate: Aitana was like a series from the 90s, for all audiences.

11 Reasons: one step away from the revolution

2020 has arrived and Aitana has launched 11 reasons. At 21, with various experiences behind her and a pop rock sound, the Spanish singer (already established as one of the best-known faces of our country) returns with a young and fresh album. Of course, again it was for the whole family.

Aitana continues to talk about love and heartbreak in her lyrics, but without being present with the physical need to see the person you love. a sin discloseWe also couldn’t find any swear words. Aitana is still the perfect stepdaughter: the Spanish love. Not even her 2000s punk girl style 11 reasons it deceives us. Aitana is still the nice girl in the music industry. And that’s how he shows it in his lyrics.

It is in the video clips that we see a slight change. Begining with Further, his collaboration with Cali and El Dandee, where he tells us the love story between teenagers. She plays the nice girl who falls in love with the bad boy (who smokes and gets arrested by the police). Also, unlike her other music videos, she interacts with the boy. We also see something similar in Lifeless Heart. Although Aitana and Yatra only share blow for blow, the two move around the city with a desire to see each other.

Although this era is a continuation of the previous one, it is no longer so innocent and tells stories where it is driven by desire. Although the revolution had not yet arrived.

Berlin: a before and an after

2021 has arrived and Aitana has released what was to be the lead single from her fourth studio album: Berlin. The single, inspired by the doubts that arise when having a long-distance relationship, is the first where the singer talks about physical desire. “I just want to kiss you, kiss you and kiss you,” the singer says. Moreover, in this “I don’t know what will happen in Berlin”, there is room for all kinds of doubts. And it is that she herself says that it is not the same to kiss for an iPhone It should be noted that it is also the first time that Aitana utters an expletive in a song: “But I don’t mind having to wait for you anymore.” The singer makes it clear that she also wants to reach a more mature audience with these lyrics.

The video clip is also not far away, where for the first time we see her kissing passionately with the one who plays her partner, actor Julio Peña (Through my window). The two stars of several films kiss in the bedroom. In addition, we also see her lying next to the boy in bed: a natural image that we have seen thousands of times and that is attributed in the films to the fact that the protagonists have just made love.

Alpha: the sexual revolution

And I arrive Formentera and Aitana is already talking directly about wanting to see her crush without clothes on. The singer dedicates a song to the desire you feel when you see the person you love: to that connection you feel that can only be found in the room.

We also see this change visually in the music video for Alpha, where the model playing Aitana’s crush takes off her shirt and walks into a room to lay down next to her. The singer wants to tell us that she does things typical of her age. And it is that, like many twenty-somethings, he thinks physically.

This sexual revolution finally arrives leads to Angels. The singer openly talks about secretly kissing the person she loves. Also on the desire he has to physically meet this person: “The more you eat me, the more I like it.” But it is, without a doubt, in the music video, where we see the singer enjoying her sensuality. The artist appears at a party, in the purest Euphoria style, where she kisses boys and girls. A way to get rid of the last whiffs of innocence that remained in his music.

Who was going to tell us that this new Aitana from Alpha had just refused to launch a collaboration with C. Tangana because the lyrics were too strong? “Listen, it’s not that I didn’t like it, but it’s very daring. The truth is that it’s a very ‘cool’ song, but the lyrics were too much, and Antón (C. Tangana) knows that. That’s why we decided not to release something like that,” she revealed in an interview for LOS40 in 2019. But, like everyone else, Aitana has evolved into the star that she is today.

Once you’ve taken a bite of the apple, it’s hard to go back. welcome to Alpha.

Don’t forget you can see Aitana as part of the OMG! La Liga on June 16.

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