Twilight will return as a TV series, as will Warner Bros. did it with Harry Potter

It seems it’s time to restart the television Now that cinema has been fully impacted by two factors: the first, a COVID-19 pandemic that has put theaters and production companies on the ropes. And the second, a change in the way of consuming films, betting on the streaming instead of doing it in more traditional cinemas. And after the announcement of a Harry Potter series, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that a Twilight series is in the works that will work as a to restart.

A Twilight series is underway via Lionsgate Television

The series, which will bear the same name as the original novel and the film saga starring Robert Pattinson y Kristen Stewartwill present a new version of the love story between bella swan and the vampire Edward Cullen. The aforementioned support ensures that Lionsgate Televisionowner of the adaptation rights to the novel, is behind the project; a project which is in the early stages of development and which still has many fringes to tie.

  • The sources consulted by The Hollywood Reporter confirm that Stephanie Meyer Is Involved In Some Way With The Twilight TV Adaptation.
  • Wyck Godfrey y Erik Feig, the latter responsible for buying the rights to the Twilight saga, will be the producers of the television version. the company of Wyck Godfrey already produced the five films starring Robert Pattinson y Kristen Stewartwhich has grossed over $3.4 billion worldwide.
Obviously, in the Twilight series, the original cast will not return
  • when it was created Dawn Part 2the production company explained that they were ready to tell more stories “when creators are ready to do so“, for what it is striking to opt for a to restart and not for new spin off.

It is unclear which actors will be involvedgiven that This Twilight series may not have a script yetbut it is expected that being a TV adaptation, the level of detail will be higher than seen in the movies.

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