The coronation of Charles III of England is approaching. On May 7th, the world will learn who will succeed Elizabeth II to the throne, and as is customary for British royalty, music will play a significant role.

The details of the coronation are being finalized, and there are surprises in store for the musical programming. According to The Mail newspaper, Adele and Ed Sheeran were reportedly proposed to perform, but it is impossible for them to fulfill the king’s wish.

“The King suggested a number of people he would like to see perform, and Adele and Ed were on that list. He was very excited that they could be part of the gig. A team was put together for the talents to join, but they weren’t available, which is a huge disappointment. They’re titans of the entertainment industry, predominantly British and known around the world as well. It’s a shame,” reveal the sources to the medium.

The reason Ed can’t perform at the coronation is that he has a concert scheduled in Texas the night before. It would then be very difficult for him to arrive on time and give his best performance to Charles. As for Adele, the reasons why she will not perform at the coronation are unknown. What is known is that she is focusing on her residency in Las Vegas, which has become one of her biggest projects to date.

Harry Styles is another artist who has made the list, but it’s unclear whether he will accept or reject the future monarch’s proposal. Lionel Richie and the Spice Girls are among the other artists who could perform at the historic concert.

Almost everything is ready for the coronation, and the list of artists who will dedicate their songs to the British on May 7th will be announced soon. The event can be followed on the BBC, although some tickets will be available for lucky individuals who will be able to enjoy this historic moment live.

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