Asraf Beno there Adara Miller they trusted the unification of the two beaches to avoid the nomination for another week. Survivors 2023 faced its most awaited evening with the hope that the great favorite, March, she could get the leader’s collar or escape the nomination once again. However, that did not happen and, for the fifth week in a row, Adara Miller was nominated with Asraf Beno, Ginés Corregüela there Yaiza Martin.

Why was Adara Molinero angry in Survivors 2023?

It looks like a joke“, she said very discouraged Adara Miller, who is unmotivated after five straight weeks in the arena. As much as he’s always the audience’s first stop (his overseas support is notable), it must be difficult to be the eternally named. Jorge Javier Vazquezfrom the set, heard the competitor’s complaint and asked to justify his statements:

It looks like a joke. I was hoping for a unification in case I could get rid of it, but in reality, we still have the same thing here. It’s so unfair that there are people who aren’t even nominated and you don’t know what the public thinks of them…“. And he’s right, some contestants can reach the finals gates not knowing whether viewers like them or not because they haven’t been nominated yet.”That’s it, I had to ventilate. It doesn’t do much, but…“, finished Adara Miller.

Adara, almost always, embroiders it in the Survivor 2023 tests

Asraf Benothe greatest support of March on the island and also a regular nominee, he introduced himself in the monologue: “damn man! We are still the same. To save their ass, people name with a hit done. Yes, I assume. Fifth time nominated and beyond“. The rest of the classmates remained silent, in part because many of them are candidates who have never been nominated.

Adara, big favorite of Survivors 2023

What is certain is that Adara is among the big favorites of Survivors 2023. He does well in tests, he plays well and has starred in some memorable scenes, like this carelessness with her bikini that left her breasts in the air. Will Adara be the winner of the reality?

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