Countdown to LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023 It has already started. In less than a week, the festival of pop festivals will be held again at Wizink Center in Madrid, Friday April 14; and in Rubí, Barcelona, ​​on Saturday April 15. The posters of this edition have more than twenty confirmed artists for each city, and one of the double winners is Abraham Mateo.

This is not the first time that Abraham Mateo has taken part in this festival. In 2014; the singer took to the stage at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid to perform one of his biggest hits to date, Miss.

Even if Miss It will always be a classic that will undoubtedly put the audience on their feet, as it happened at the last concert of the singer in Madrid; almost ten years have passed since Primavera Pop and there are many new songs that Abraham Mateo could present to us now.

What can’t be missing in Abraham Mateo’s performance

The Cadiz man is in one of the best moments of his career after blowing it up with his latest singles, The idea there I want to tell youwith Ana Mena. And precisely these two songs are the ones that could not be missing in their performance in this edition of LOS40 Primavera Pop. Ana Mena is another of the artists confirmed for the concert in Madrid so we would like seeing them together on stage at the Wizink Center as happened at the 2022 LOS40 Music Awards.

We don’t forget their latest release, Bora Bora; subject in which Luis Fonsi collaborates and which would put the summer touch to the festival.

Abraham Mateo presents new music at LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023

In addition to the songs that, as we have already said, could not be missing, the singer surprised us by asking a question through social networks. There are days, Abraham Mateo put “are we launching something new there or what?” by uploading his personal poster as a confirmed artist for LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023 on his Instagram stories.

With this index, Everything indicates that Abraham Mateo will present his next single during these concerts! And in LOS40 we can’t wait to hear what the man from Cadiz has prepared.

What is certain is that Abraham Mateo will have a great show prepared, at the height of his level as an artist. And above all, we hope that the singer will give everything accompanied by his usual dance group, who with his incredible voice make his performances leave us speechless.

All artists of LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023

In Madrid, in addition to the performance of Abraham Mateo, they will take the stage at the WiZink Center Lola Indigo, Sam Ryder, Ana Mena, Álvaro de Luna, Nathy Peluso, Nil Moliner, David Bisbal, Pablo López, Beret, Chanel, Emilia, Vicco, Marc Seguí, Leo Rizzi, Marlon, Depol, Bombai, Ptazeta, Polo Nández, walls and, the most recent confirmation, yandel.

As for Barcelona, Lola Indigo, Sam Ryder, Chanel, Beret, Emilia, Nil Moliner, Vicco, Álvaro de Luna, Miki Núñez, Marc Seguí, Paula Cendejas, Leo Rizzi, Marlon, Ptazeta, Bombai, Polo Nández, Walls, Depol, Paula Koops, Edu Estève, Julieta, Mark Eme, Scorpion, Siderland, Lau Gibert and Sexenni complete the poster of the LOS40 Primavera Pop 2023.

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