A young fan’s nightmare of motorbikes and freezing showers happened after a car crash in South Florida.

Alexander Romanenko, the hit-and-run victim, says he was driving home after dinner on his motorcycle, but stopped in the middle lane behind a white car to wait for a stop light at 795 East on Sunrise Blvd.

He said that in a matter of a second term on the floor. The only thing he remembers about that afternoon are those in the vehicles around him trying to help him and the paramedics taking him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Alexander still hasn’t gotten over the emotional impact this moment caused him. A blue car slammed into him and five seconds later he turned into the left lane and fled.

After the incident, Alexander feels constant pain in his neck, he has bruises on his right shoulder, he also has headaches and says he cannot sleep well.

Faced with the driver’s act of cowardice, this young two-wheeler enthusiast says he works to forgive him but no one deserves to be left in the middle of the road in these conditions. “It hurts, that’s all I have to say.”

With the security camera video and report already in the hands of authorities, Alexander hopes the driver can be located and held accountable for what he did.

“I want to make sure we can find that person so they don’t do this to someone else,” he remarks. “It’s quite sad.”

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