A turtle struck the windshield of a car on a highway in Florida and injured a 71-year-old woman who was traveling as a passenger, who still has to wonder where the animal came from, which miraculously survived, according to local media.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal dedicates much space to the unusual flight and accident landing of the turtle and its victim, who suffered a cut on the head and had to be taken to hospital, with photographs of the chelonium and the impacted windshield included.

A Port Orange police spokesman, Officer Andre Fleming, said the woman suffered a cut about an inch above one eye from the blow and was treated at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

The turtle suffered only a few bruises on the shell and was released in a wooded area near the place of its fall, according to the police spokesman.

After the impact, the driver of the vehicle, the daughter of the injured woman, in the midst of nervousness because her mother was bleeding profusely, asked other drivers who stopped their vehicles to see what had fallen into her car.

A man said that there was a turtle there and the daughter exclaimed in disbelief and surprise: “A turtle, a real turtle!”, According to the newspaper’s account

Although the daughter said that her mother had had “the worst luck in the world,” the newspaper mentions that, according to the Florida highway police, another similar accident had already occurred in 2016.

It is thought that in both cases the turtles were on the highway and some vehicle when passing touched them and made them “fly”.

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