MIAMI.- South Florida had a generally dry day with good conditions in the morning, but in the afternoon there are already rains and even storms are expected, mainly in areas of Broward counties and Palm Beach.

The morning passed with mostly dry weather, a few isolated showers and low temperatures around 70°F, while in the afternoon the highs were around 89°F. strong cloudiness.

Showers and even thunderstorms could occur between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Those odds are as high as 30%, but the forecast calls for some of that rain to be intense, primarily inland into Broward and Palm Beach counties, though not out of the blue in the Miami-Dade areas.

The system that was captured by the Telemundo 51 helicopter this Friday morning has fortunately moved eastward, away from the coast.

At the end of the morning, a waterspout was recorded in the Sunny Isles area and the image could be captured by Telemundo 51. It is likely that this type of system forms with conditions like those that have been experienced in recent days.

For the weekend, the chances of rain increase; Although they are not constant, some could be intense, mainly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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