A New Metal Gear 3 Remake Hint Emerges That Is False And Generates A Lot Of Confusion

A New Metal Gear 3 Remake Hint Emerges That Is False And Generates A Lot Of Confusion

The original singer of the game’s theme song got caught up in something she didn’t see coming

A few months ago, my friend Juan told you that a source close to Konami contacted Areajugones to confirm that, indeed, the company is working on a remake of Metal Gear 3, and since then many clues have appeared on the networks that suggest this will become a reality in the future. However, not all of them are true and today I want to tell you about one that emerged very recently and generates a lot of confusion. I leave you with all the details below so you don’t miss a thing:

The main theme of the original Metal Gears 3 is being revamped; Is a remake coming?

  • The thing is, Donna Burke commented on Twitter that he was working on a reissue of the main theme for Metal Gear Solid 3
  • It set off all the alarms and a lot of people thought they had to see with the expected remake of the game
  • However, the composer known as Mason Liebermanwho takes care with Donna of the reissue of the theme, cleared up any possible confusion by stating that it had nothing to do with the game’s supposed remake
  • It is not known with what intentions the song is re-recorded or what project it will be for, but at least we know it has nothing to do with Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

Does this mean that it is not in development? Not much, actually. I always say that in this industry the saying that goes ”if the river rings, the water carries” it is much more powerful than in other types of industries for a reason: very often a handful of rumors about a specific project end up becoming reality. And, if that’s what happened with Silent Hill 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again with Metal Gear Solid 3. What do you think of all this?

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