JheGrefg almost always wins. The streamer was on the verge of winning the Kings League, and now he will have a new opportunity in the women’s version of the competition: the Queens League. The Saiyans started picking from the second position and they were very happy with their draft result. Jessica, the team’s coach: “They took a few away from us, but I think it’s going very well. We have a good team and we’ll have to work on it.”

Saiyan players

  1. Mnica Braas
  2. Leticia Mndez
  3. Aronei Gonzlez
  4. ariana ruiz
  5. Gabriela Morales
  6. I watched Lluch
  7. Lidia Rabassa
  8. Salom Naballona
  9. Lydia Bermdez
  10. Judith Saubi

Jenni Hermoso, Saiyan Ambassador

Although Ibai and Gemita surprised with Sandra Paos as their ambassador, The Grefg didn’t want to stay away. He also called on a professional player as an official ambassador for the Saiyan female section: Jenni Hermoso, the player of the Mexican Pachuca, formerly of Bara or Atlético de Madrid, among others.

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